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Noah Mitchell

Chefs Choice WafflePro TasteTexture Select Five of HeartsM840

Chefs Choice WafflePro TasteTexture Select Five of HeartsM840

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Chef鈥檚 Choice Quad Baking System

This unique Quad Baking System on the M840 WafflePro allows you to select the preferred flavor, texture, and color of your waffle by altering a few electronic settings. The Quad refers to the 4 heating elements present on the Belgian waffle maker: two on top and two on bottom. Using 1100 watts, create you鈥檙e very own version of the perfect waffle from a golden color to light brown, and textures ranging from a moist interior to crisp all the way through.

Quick Bake for Authentic Belgian Waffles

The Chef鈥檚 Choice Classic Belgian WafflePro delivers delicious, restaurant quality waffles in no time at all. When set to bake on the 鈥淐rispy Exterior/Moist interior鈥?setting, cooking takes only 90 seconds! Baking time is doubled when set to 鈥淯niform Thickness.鈥?Either way, you鈥檒l be enjoying authentic, deep-pocket Belgian waffles before the coffee is finished brewing.

Chef鈥檚 Choice M840 Waffle Pro Highlights

  • Elegant design and style which serves you heart-shaped waffles.
  • 鈥淔loating鈥?lid ensures uniform baking and thickness throughout the waffle.
  • This tech-savvy unit offers a 鈥淲affle ready鈥?beeper, 鈥渂aking,鈥?and 鈥渞eady鈥?lights to help assist in your waffle adventures.
  • Offers instant temperature recovery and an easy-to-clean overflow channel.
  • Built-in cord storage compartment makes this machine efficient for space-saving, upright storage.
  • Recipes included!
  • 1 year warranty for household use only

About Chef鈥檚 Choice

Since its founding in 1984, EdgeCraft Corporation, located in Avondale, PA, has manufactured its world renowned Chef鈥檚Choice brand of highly advanced small kitchen electrics including the world鈥檚 largest selection of electric and manual knife sharpeners, electric food slicers, waffle makers and hot beverage products as well as manual sharpeners and the renowned Trizor Cutlery. Crafted with a passionate commitment to innovation and dependability, Chef鈥檚Choice products are consistently rated as consumers鈥?best buys and are fast becoming family heirlooms to pass down to future generations.

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