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Noah Mitchell

Chopin Family Reserve Vodka (750 ml)

Chopin Family Reserve Vodka (750 ml)

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The first ultra-premium, rested young potato vodka in history. Family Reserve is naturally gluten-free and made from a unique type of young potato that was sown in the rich, black soil of the estate fields around the distillery during the 2016 growing season. Because the potatoes were picked early, their flavor profile is sweeter and has subtle earthy overtones. Then, for two years, the spirit was allowed to rest and mellow in fifty-year-old Polish oak barrels without being disturbed, before being carefully bottled. On the grounds of the Chopin distillery, all potatoes used in Family Reserve are cultivated organically without the use of pesticides or chemicals. It's also perfect for enjoying cold, straight, in martinis or specialty cocktails.

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