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Noah Mitchell

Ciroc - Passion Vodka (1.75L)

Ciroc - Passion Vodka (1.75L)

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With the tropical tastes of CIROC Passion, celebrate any occasion. Fine French grapes are used to make our rich-tasting vodka, which is then finished in a specially designed copper pot still in Southern France after five distillations. This beachside-ready spirit is expertly infused with an exotic blend of unique tastes inspired by the tropics. It sparkles with subtle notes of pineapple, lemon, mango, and hibiscus, making for an exquisitely smooth and lusciously unusual tasting experience. Enjoy this cocktail with soda and lemon or a dash of lemonade for the ideal summertime refreshment. includes one 750 mL bottle of CIROC Passion, proof level 60. Please use alcohol in moderation.

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