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Noah Mitchell

Claxton Old Fashioned Fruit Cake 12 oz Christmas

Claxton Old Fashioned Fruit Cake 12 oz Christmas

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For more than a century, Claxton Fruit Cake has been known for its high quality and reasonable price. This delectable Christmas fruit cake, made by Claxton Bakery, Inc., has more than 70% premium fruits and almonds. Sun-ripened California raisins, candied cherries, sweet pineapple, and candied orange and lemon peels are all found inside Claxton Fruit Cakes. With premium shelled walnuts, crunchy Georgia pecans, and California almonds, each cake has a texture that sets it apart from other fruitcakes available in stores. Our nuts and fruits are combined into a dense batter akin to pound cake and cooked till golden brown. This cake is deliciously flavorful with every mouthful that you take. Give someone on your holiday list this 12-oz Claxton Fruit Cake to help them relive the magic of a traditional Christmas.

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