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Noah Mitchell

Console Carriers: Grey Patterns

Console Carriers: Grey Patterns

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Does your sweet little dog or cat demand鑱絘鑱絝un ride from the front of your car? With a鑱解€榮afety first鈥?mindset you can cater to your pet鈥檚鑱絯ish by using鑱絫his portable console carrier! We鑱絧rovide鑱絫wo straps underneath鑱絫he carrier so that you can securely position the carrier onto鑱統our center console.鑱?/p>

The mini-leash included inside the carrier hooks onto your pet鈥檚 collar/harness to keep him/her safe.鑱絋he padded interior of the carrier calms your pet鑱絘nd鑱絧revents鑱絟im or her from thrashing around during bumpy rides. Your pet can easily enter and exit the console carrier using the padded doors in the front. With all these鑱絙enefits in mind,鑱絠magine鑱統our pet traveling safely while sitting鑱絛irectly next to you!

Features:鈥撹伣Pet Weight Capacity: approx. 6 kg/ 13 lb鈥撹伣Carrier Weight: 0.5 kg / 1.1 lb鈥撹伣Material: These鑱絚arriers are made with modified Linen.鑱?/p>

Care:鑱絊pot-clean or Handwash gently. Air Dry.

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