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Noah Mitchell

Coolcabana 5 - Apulia, Medium - 43ft2

Coolcabana 5 - Apulia, Medium - 43ft2

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The CoolCabana 5 reinvents the possibilities for beach shade. You can relax knowing that your umbrella won't fly off the beach, that there won't be enough shade, or that you won't overheat in an enclosed shelter. UPF 50+ defense 64 feet square in shade (Large) Folds down to 3'5" (Large) and 3'2" (Medium). 35 pounds is provided by sand pockets to keep you on the beach. In what way is this similar to a big beach umbrella? There is more than twice as much shade with a huge CoolCabana. Typically, a huge beach umbrella has a diameter of 6 feet, offering 28 feet of shade鈥攍ess than half of the 28 feet of shade that a large CoolCabana offers.

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