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Noah Mitchell

Doona - Infant Car Seat/Stroller - Nitro Black

Doona - Infant Car Seat/Stroller - Nitro Black

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When you鈥檝e got a crying baby 鈥?or a sleeping one 鈥?the last thing you want to do is fuss around with their car seat or stroller. In fact, wouldn鈥檛 it be amazing if their car seat became a stroller, with the click of a button? This was the thought process of Yoav Mazar, founder of the Doona 鈥?the world鈥檚 first infant car seat that transforms to a stroller in seconds, no additional parts required. The 2018 Doona Infant Car Seat surpasses every safety standard both in its primary function as a car seat and when converted into a stroller. With a deep double walled side impact protection, orthopedic inner cushion, and anti-rebound technology, the Doona is also larger than most of its peers, meaning that your infant can remain in the safest form of car seat longer. Key features: The only car seat with integrated wheels 鈥?transitions from car seat to stroller in seconds Free from hazardous materials Rocking function Aircraft approved Easy instant fold Compact storage One touch brake Chassis suspension for a smoother ride Swivel wheels Orthopedic designed inner cushion Inner cushion anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic with humidity and thermal regulation Includes car seat base Includes seat protector Seat Weight: 16.5 lbs Weight capacity: 4-35 lbs Dimensions: Car seat: 23.6鈥测€?x 17.3鈥测€?x 26鈥测€?Stroller: 32.3" x 17.3" x 38.9" .

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