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Noah Mitchell

Drystrike Watch

Drystrike Watch

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Do you want a watch that you can count on while doing all your favorite activities, no matter how extreme? DryStrike Tactical Military Outdoor Smartwatch can withstand any situation you encounter.鑱紺arry out field ops, with the timepiece used by military and police personnel. Robustness and dependability are very necessary in order to drastically improve your active lifestyle. That鈥檚 why we concentrated our strength-enhanced design on the inside structure in order to provide a sensation of power, reliability and practicality. Get a watch that can keep up!

鑱紿ow our Military Watch gives you a top-notch long-lasting performance:

閿?Bold and easy to use 3-D interface that is customizable.

閿?Easy to control dials and function buttons.

閿?Supercharged rechargeable battery- lasts up to 33 months.

閿?4th鑱紾eneration Gorilla Glass, making reading in direct sunlight a breeze.

閿?Carbon coated body that is dust resistant and waterproof.

閿?Multiple alert functions.

閿?Military grade steel.

閿?Top of the Line Health and Sport Mode Functions:

閿?Heart rate sensors; including the new Green Cell heart rate monitor technology.

閿?All day activity record.

閿?Multiple exercise modes.

閿?Calculate calories.

閿?Built-in 3-D accelerometer to track distance and speed.

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