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Noah Mitchell

Monkey 47 - Gin Schwarzwald Dry (375ml)

Monkey 47 - Gin Schwarzwald Dry (375ml)

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Handcrafted in Germany's Black Forest, Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin is legendary and takes gin-making to new heights. Named in part for its 47 botanicals and ingredients, this cult-favorite showcases grassy vegetable notes, hints of citrus, fruity sweetness, and a woody aroma. Outstandingly complex, this is for the discerning customer who wants only the best at the bar. A variety of spices and herbs vie for your attention, making it difficult to pick out a single flavor from the complex blend. Pair this with a luxurious vermouth for an exquisite martini, or sip this gin on the rocks so you can focus on the fascinating take that Monkey 47 brings to your glass. A gin made for true connoisseurs, you will want to savor and appreciate every sip. It is certainly wunderbar.

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